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The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a hotbed for innovation in the field of health.

Our partners all share our VIREO philosophy : to contribute to an innovative world where economic prosperity of companies and well-being at work make one.

Who are our partners ?

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The insurance company Baloise Luxembourg is a reputable company for which the health of citizens is a priority and a responsibility.

As a premium partner of the MyMindScan vs Covid-19 campaign, Baloise contributes to innovation in the Luxembourg landscape. The availability of MyMindScan for the general public is a perfect example of this.

Mental Wellness Experts

When we have the impression that we're doing something on the spot in our personal or professional life, it's because our GPS has got lost... What can we do ? First of all, take a step back to reflect and explore our field of possibilities.

Our partners at SKILLOSOPHY, certified in coaching and e-coaching and certified for the interpretation of MyMindScan results, work with tools that adapt to your needs. The important thing is to find the most effective approach for you.

Our technology partners

How can you create a fun user experience and a reliable digital solution without the expertise and wisdom of computer scientists and cybersecurity experts ?

If you enjoy your MyMindScan experience, it's Technology Partner you can thank. The protection of your data and the IT security of our platform are also paramount. Rest assured, with Luxgap, you are protected to the highest standards of cybersecurity and GDPR compliance.