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MyMindScan vs Covid-19

The health of your employees is the engine of your company

Confinement, stress, fatigue or even teleworking, the impacts of the crisis related to COVID-19 are numerous for your employees. Benefit from free access to MyMindScan, the digital test recommended by doctors and used by top athletes to assess the well-being of your employees.

The very simple steps that await you for MyMindScan


Your employees do their test

MyMindScan consists of questionnaires and cognitive games whose objective is to put their brain under stress.


Result & interpretation

MyMindScan provides a clear and educational report for your employees to understand their current state of well-being. They benefit from personalized advice to guide them in reading their report.



As an employer, gain access to an anonymous overview of the mental well-being of the teams that make up your company.


Coaching & follow-up (optional)

Thanks to Skillosophy and our experts in mental well-being, call on qualified professionals to help you improve the well-being of your teams and help your business thrive.

Our customers

Our clients are renowned companies and top-level sports clubs that pay particular attention to reducing psychosocial risks (stress, burn out, ...) as well as improving the well-being and performance of their teams.

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Frequently asked questions

MyMindScan is a tool created by expert scientists in the field of functional neurology. The origin of the tool results from the experience of Doctor Stijn Quanten and his team specialized in performance improvement and prevention of psychosocial risks such as stress, burn out, ... The MyMindScan approach is notably based on the Corporate Athlete model (Jim Loeher and Tony Schwertz, Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation, 2001). Each questionnaire used in the MyMindScan test is recognized worldwide by the scientific community.
MyMindScan is a solution that, using questions combined with exercises, dynamically identifies a person's mental health. In high performance sport, athletes and teams make the difference through their mental strength and stamina. These athletes benefit from scientific and medical support to become mentally stronger. MyMindScan takes up and applies these principles in the corporate world. The goal ? To strengthen mental, cognitive and visual skills to prevent, detect and reduce risks to the mental health of employees. As part of the MyMindScan vs Covid-19 campaign, VIREO and its partners have chosen to make MyMindScan available free of charge at the disposal of Luxembourg companies.
On the one hand, we attach great importance to our physical health. On the other hand, too often, we forget that our mental health also has a major impact on our well-being, behaviour and everyday performance. Today, the crisis we are going through is a challenge for all of us and its impacts are as varied as they are alarming (stress, anxiety, fatigue, ...). The MyMindScan vs Covid-19 campaign offers all companies and their employees the opportunity to assess their mental well-being in order to prevent possible psychosocial risks while accompanying a generalized awareness of the need to pay special attention to our personal mental health.
As an employer, you can benefit from an anonymous overview of your teams' results : MyTeamMind. Your dashboard gives you access to statistics that are essential for the long-term management of your organisation while respecting the privacy of your employees. This module does not give you direct access to your teams' individual data. However, according to their needs, your employees can share their results in complete discretion with one of our partner coaches or with one of your company's coaches. Would you like to work with us ? Do not hesitate to contact us or to recommend us to your employer.
Once your trial period is over, you can continue to make the MyMindScan available to your teams while benefiting from the MyTeamMind dashboard and coaching from our partners. Depending on your needs and the size of your organization, our VIREO team will provide you with a personalized offer. If you hold a position of responsibility in the field of psychosocial risk prevention and/or human resources, you can contact us by e-mail at Our VIREO team will be happy to give you a more concrete presentation of our service, the feedback from our clients and the added value for your company.
Absenteeism, sickness costs, difficulties in recruiting on a long-term basis, (...) the negative impacts of stress are numerous for companies. One of the main benefits of MyMindScan is its positive impact on the life of an organization. Indeed, the use of MyMindScan by our clients demonstrates a significant reduction in stress-related costs, absenteeism and increased employee engagement. For their part, occupational health experts are looking for tools to support their daily activities. MyMindScan allows them to perform an objective analysis of the mental health of companies and their employees. MyMindScan is therefore the ideal tool for employers as well as occupational medicine and our VIREO team will be pleased to demonstrate it to you.
MyMindScan is fully compliant with the GSPD and fully respects your privacy. When using MyMindScan by your company, as an employer, you have no access to your employees' personal results. Only MyTeamMind allows you to receive statistics and an anonymized overview of your employees' health. VIREO also attaches great importance to the security of your employees' data. This is why, in association with our partner Luxgap, penetration tests are regularly carried out in addition to the implementation of an optimal cyber security structure.
First of all, your employee should not be alarmed. A result in the red does not necessarily mean that he is in psychological distress. When using it, we point out the following points : 1. The first step is to read the personalized advice in his report. 2. Then we recommend that he or she seek the help of a mental health professional. Our coaches are certified to interpret her MyMindScan results and are at her disposal to help her improve her well-being. Their fee is to be defined according to the support you wish to set up. 3. If your employees feel strongly impacted by the current crisis or if they wish to benefit from urgent assistance, you should know that the Luxembourg State provides them with a secure line to benefit from support as a citizen :
The Luxembourg Government provides all citizens with a hotline for urgent assistance: Our partner coaches at Skillosophy are at your disposal if you wish to allow your employees to benefit from personalized coaching to improve their well-being. Don't forget that the attending physician is also a reliable contact person to turn to.